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Christy- 24; blue eyed dark brunette; 5' 4"; born in Baltimore, MD, but live in Tampa, FL; live with my boyfriend, Rich, of 4+ years; one brother (Michael, 20); in web design for fun for over a decade; love to read and write stories; have a pet calico cat at home in Maryland; chat & message board junkie, esp., Codegrrl, and AstaHost


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Sunday, June 19

Database Issues

I apologize for the database issues that had been cropping up here in the past week or so. This was due to a host server problem that was host side issue, not mine. Also, beyond that, I am now the owner of four fanlistings, and have closed down the Indigo and Fezzik friendship fanlisting. But, you can now find the following fanlistings on my network: Latex adultwear, Orgasm alcoholic drink, "Walking in Memphis", and Washington D.C. One thing tho: because Washington D.C. is at, the Witchblade fanlisting has moved here. I've also redone my directlinking thief graphic, so now, whenever someone is directly linking to a graphic on this domain, they get this big nasty graphic....may this be a lesson to bandwidth thieves!



Thursday, June 2

No New Members

Was going through my site info for all my sites (one of my many ways to keep them all organized), and noticed there were a few fanlistings that hadn't been updated in a while, so I went through and posted that there weren't any new members for any of those sites.