Welcome to Drastic Measures, my main fanfic archive.  I've always loved fanfic and keep (trying) to write it whenever I can.  Hope you enjoy your stay here.  If you would prefer fanfiction of a more adult nature, and you're old enough to be allowed to where you live, feel free to browse through the stories at Opportunity Knocks.


June 6, 2005-Finally got around to organizing the author and title listings by separate letters in php.  Will work on integrating more of it into php as I have time.


February 20, 2005-After moving around a couple of times, I think  have again found a pretty permanent host with Trap17...we'll see how well this works out.


December 30, 2004-Well, for starters, I'm 23 today.  Also, due to a fellow author/web designer bringing to my attention that my previous layout seemed too much like a ripoff of the eterniata site, I have redone the layout a tad, though I'm still using another one of the pics from the same Charisma shoot.  However, in bringing it to my attention, the author requested that I no longer host their fic on my site.  I am sorry that they felt that I was copying off of another site, but that had not been my intention- I simply enjoy that pic just a tad too much! lol  Am also working on Excel documents for both archives to make sure that I have approval for all fanfic hosted on either one of the sites.


June 28, 2004-I'd actually done this layout before, for my former Angel fanfic site, but loved it so much I decided to give it another airing.  Am still working on my fanfic here as well as my mature site, but, with a very busy real life, it is taking a little while, but bear with me.  In the meantime, there's still plenty of good stories to read here.


June 17, 2004-Has taken me only 8 years of web design, but I finally have my own domain: nevernormal.com, and this site, like all my others, are now on one server, and free of popups to boot.  Since almost all of my sites are now streamlined due to the fanlisting php script Sasha made, I now will have more time to devote to this site and that of my upcoming adult fanfic archive.  And, since I closed down the crossover archive, will be gradually bringing in any of those stories that were not already on this site.  I have also created a crossover fic page, listing all the xover fic currently found on this site.  Have also gone over the 100 mark for authors in the archive!  And I am also putting together a new layout for this site, which should be out sometime this summer.


January 9, 2004-I apologize for the apparent lack of updates, but I have been working hard behind the scenes on all three of my fanfic archives, paying more attention to the crossover and adult archives, since the former must gain more fic, and the latter is due to be out by next month.


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